Having two different projects to work on can often be difficult. Working on rebranding the Shelters brochure and letter head is not an easy task. Being the Shelters first intern added another level of pressure. I’ve dealt with pressure juggling school, work and motherhood so this task while daunting isn’t something I can’t handle.

Being able to work from home is a huge plus. It gives me time to brainstorm ideas without distraction. I can focus on the tasks at hand as an intern and still have time to focus on the rebranding. I want to represent the culture of the shelter so that the letterhead and brochure fit them and doesn’t clash with the message of the shelter.

I wanted to start work on the letterhead and brochure as quickly as I could. I am eager to get feedback from my supervisor and the staff. I looked at the documentation that they have now and I want to modernize it and make it more visually inviting.