Journal Eight

While being an intern I spend most of time working alongside my supervisor Scott. He was a role model not because he is my boss, but he enjoys his job as an Art Director and always makes everyone feel welcome when speaking to him about design or business work. One of the photographer I met named Alyssa told me nice and wonderful thing about Scott when I first started interning as a graphic designer. At first, I was nervous because I had no idea what to expect from coming into an internship since everyone real world experiences differs from one another. He always answered my questions, be respectful, had productive relationship of thanking me for coming in and to see what I had to show. It was a great learning experiences, I’m really thankful for Scott for giving me this position in his company.

Journal Seven

Self-Evaluate as an intern:

This internship was a huge learning experiences, it was my first job and first time gaining working experiences. My supervisor Scott was very welcoming when we first met during the interview, I didn’t know what to expect while walking into this I knew I had to separate myself from being a student and a designer. When I was assigned my first project I thought it would be easy but I was wrong, it could had been done so fast but I was wrong. I did some research of what was tasked but I didn’t choose my time wisely and didn’t take it serious as I should have had. That was a horrible mistake I decided to do since I didn’t think of what Scott was doing for me. He took the time to meet with me, make me work for his company at Artwing NY, give me space in his office and devote my time wisely when doing tasks.

I started noticing what I was doing wrong when Scott talked to me privately and told me what I was doing wrong. Instead of showing him my best as a designer I am I did the opposite of waiting until last time to actually do my work. I would give myself 1 or 2 stars out of five, for now on I’ll make sure to not slack off and put effort in everything I do. Furthermore, I’ll show the best I can do, if this was the real world as a designer I would had gotten fire within the first couple of days If I didn’t have nothing to bring or show.

Journal Six

Self-Evaluate on Project:

It’s my third week here as an intern here at Artwing NY. During the past three weeks there was I learned, this being my first time having any work experiences, working with different people who already have a career as a designer, photographer and art director it’s different from learning in school. In school, they prepare students what not to do and what to do as designers. When it comes to assignments or projects as students we get a month to get it done. As an intern, I was assigned my project for two weeks, to ask any questions as soon my supervisor finished explaining the project and to keep in contact with him in case I was finished, to get his remarks on the assignment and even show the work to the photographer since I was using their work for the assignment.

In my opinion with the amount of time I had available to work on it, all the sources I had around me to make it interesting than just piling images on top of each other and looking at the examples Scott provided me with. Instead of using all that time doing other things instead of my assignment made me realized I could had done better. I could had shown what I can bring to the table, instead of making it look plain and straightforward, Scott liked what I had to show but I didn’t divide time to work on each collage in different approaches and see what I could had done.

When being assigned to this project I forgot to include one of the thing Scott advised me to do which was make it into an email blast, be able to make the email interactive to take them to Artwing website or their photographer’s portfolio in their website. I’m still learning along the way, I’ll use the experiences I have so far to do much better in the future.

Journal Five

I’m still in progress of a project since it’s my first week as an intern for ArtWing Ny. The project I’m currently working on is making collages on five photographers my supervisor picked for me. I will be working with my supervisor and maybe include some feedback from the photographers. I will communicate with them in person or by email. This is what I have so far for the upcoming project:

First Draft

Journal four

Typical day on the internship is going to meet Scott at the office or at a different location in case he has a photoshoot. Recently, we met at Spring Studios on the rooftop. When arriving there Scott was talking to one of the new photographers he recently hired. I always bring my laptop and notebook in case I’m giving back any task to do that day or if I need to write down anything important. Scott gave me some examples on what he was looking for and he showed me pervious designers work so I can get an idea of what they were looking for. Once he explained it he asked me if I had any questions and to show him any ideas that I had. I would be working on it for two weeks.

Spring Studios Rooftop

Journal three

In the workplace people dress formal then once in a while in casual clothing. For work I wear button down shirt, polo shirt mostly colors black, dark blue or burgundy. As well slacks with flats. The workspace is open areas mostly everyone has their laptop or tablet in a space or desk. I usually sit next to or across from my supervisor with my laptop. Most employees are working on their own stuff, talking to Scott about their work/projects and getting back feedback from him. As for lunchtime, I usually bring food with me from home I go to lunch at different times depending on the time I come in.

Journal two

My role in ArtWing NY is a graphic designer, so far, I been assigned to do promotional pieces on five photographers for the company. Each of the photographer have article or photos they took for magazines, other companies or products. I have to pick some of their photos and make it into a collage. It was actually difficult since they all have styles and varies.  My supervisor name is Scott Buchheit he is the art director.

When selecting this internship, I found all of it new because I had no work experiences at all. I never had to make phone calls for a job, no knowledge on what I had to bring and prepare for and what clothing would be suitable to an interview. Professor Nicolaou helped me prepared for what I should say on the phone when looking for an internship, she gave me certain internships which were still looking for interns and when all of them failed. She told me to reach out to Scott by phone call and email. The next day Scott emailed me telling me if we could meet next week since he had to do photoshoots that weekend. We set up a day and time for next week, the day we were supposed to meet he had an emergency at the studio and we postponed it to the next day.

We decided to meet at Ace Hotel Lobby at 1:30 because Scott had a meeting their at 2pm. The interview process felt comfortable, Scott asked me if I had any work to show him. I had a display folder with some work and my resume to show what programs I knew how to use. He explained to me we will work in different locations and what I would be doing in the internship. I was hired on the spot.

Journal One

Hello. The company I’m interning for this summer is ArtWing NY, it’s a fashion photography agency for advertising. My role in the company is a graphic designer. They are located in 611 Broadway 718 New York, NY 10012. It’s a public company with many photographers working on different varies of projects. ArtWing has photographers that work with celebrities, still live (products) and fashion.

These are some examples: