Self Reflection

If I were to evaluate myself over the course of the internship, I would say that all in all, I did very well. For the 2nd project where I was required to edit videos to make a singular published one, I was able to create multiple options for my supervisor to present to the client and accept the feedback that was given for all of them by taking what they like and the criticism to refine it further and make a singular video that they enjoyed. Even with other projects that I worked on after, I made sure to always work with multiple options to give my clients variety to pick from. In all honesty there were aspect where i know I could do better for example my memory isn’t the best so it did require me going back and forth with things that I was trying to learn but once I get into the groove of working, it got hard for me to pull away from it and I would work very late without even realizing. Overall, I did the best that I could with what I was given and made the most of the experience that I was happy to receive, and hopefully the things that I’ve learned here will carry over with me in future endeavors.

Workplace Mentor

When it comes to social events or meetups in person, I wasn’t really able to attend any due to my own constraints, so there wasn’t much chance for me to get involved with those. However, from this experience as a whole, my supervisor was kind of like a mentor for me throughout this the whole thing, due mainly to them being the main person I really interacted with throughout the whole thing. But they were really insightful when it came to a majority of my projects and made sure to help me out whenever it was possible, especially when it came to advice. They also acted as a middleman between me and the clients and made sure I was able to understand the task and helped whenever I asked. It was great working with them and if the chance were to ever present itself in the future, I would definitely work with them once more with question. They made this internship feel short and that it flew by without many hiccups or roadblocks, and I appreciate all of the help that they gave me.

Work Projects

So, one of the benefits and disadvantages of working from home for an internship is not having to have people hover over you, however there is a lack of workflow that you can only experience when working with multiple people on a project. There were times when we had a type of workflow where someone else would film footage and then I would work on editing said footage after words for production purposes, but that was the extent of coworker interaction. I do wish that I was able to work in a more hybrid setting even though it wasn’t really necessary for motion graphics work. It is also unlucky in the fact that there is no one to bounce ideas off of or gain feedback real-time to make changes or hear a different point of view. However, I didn’t completely dread working from home due to the fact that I could set my own hours and work at a pace for myself that allowed me to produce work I could be happy with.

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