Graphic Design Principles I Essay

Jovannie Charles
Graphic Design Principles I

This Semester

Coming into this class, I had different expectations than what I received. What I expected was a class where us, the students would learn about graphic design via programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. What I got however, was a class where we went back to basics, learning the fundamental of shapes, colors and perspective. We were taught how some colors complimented others and how the position of a shape, along with its size, could affect an piece in its entirety, changing how you view the artwork all together. These were skill that I wasn’t expecting to learn. However, I’m very glad that i required them and that they will aid me in the future

For me, learning how to manipulate the artwork by simply shifting the focal point in either direction by a few fractions of an inch could make a huge difference in the way it’s perceived by others. Once your eyes are trained spot the difference an inch or two can make, you can always spot a few imperfections, whether it’s the placement or shape of a piece. The positioning of the artwork makes a difference of whether or not the piece works well all together, soothing to the eyes or rough around the edges. This type of skill is extremely useful if you work for a magazine. To be able to sell a product depends if the product itself appeals to the reader and how the designer advertised it to caught the attention of the person. These are the things that come into play when you advertise to clientele.

Another thing that I learned from this class is how to put colors together in various shades that compliment each other. The idea behind this is to first work in monochrome by using the same color, but in different tones that would be close to one another so that they would look the same, but it wouldn’t be. Once that was learned, we would go into full color and find a way to have the colors compliment one another. This would have you learn that the colors can go well with each other without having to be the same color altogether. This skill will be highly useful to me when I get into animation and Game design, reason being that it would help when I work on a character color scheme or the surroundings of the worlds that I place them in.


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