This is from/Photo by Karolina Grabowska:

The webinar i “attended” was from titled how to win on linkedin. Some of the things i learned from it was to be strategic on linkedin. This is what one of the speakers named Nigel Cliffe urged the viewers to do.

Also to engage in stuff that you basically believe is important, is another thing to be put into this “equation.”

Deborah Corn wanted to mention use keywords that only you would be entice you. Plus at the same time being professional about it. since it is a social network for work purposes, after all.

Nigel showed a linkedin profile of Sarah Corn. A paper consultant and specialist printer(as one of her few other occupations). On the profile was one of her videos. In the video it showed how a card was made. It said the word “Glass Bulldog” on it. With a machine near the card itself.

That video has racked up “8,000 views, 30 comments and 20 reactions”. All because Nigel thought that her video was basically a good example of what he was talking about. In which it had the hashtags marketing, hotfoil, old school and branding.

It was basically spreading the importance of that among some other things.

You can only find such recording here(for more info):

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