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This event was from handshake, that i attended on 2/15/2023.

This event in particular is held as a way to showcase what the media industry is all about.

Some common misconceptions that people could have of media and entertainment industry are: ” it’s all sexy, fun cool stuff” and “it’s not and it’s just like any other business” to get the job done- shawn moore(a female with mostly white hair). ” of how media is on the creative side, but it’s really on the business side. ” – carlos cruz

Also, ” you’re not goona be an actor, or do animation then you’re not goona have a career with us.” – katelyn uzquiano, a paramount female employer and recruiter

Any training courses? was 1 question that was asked by one of the moderators. “Public speaking”- Carlos Cruz added. An intro to data analytics only if was available, was the point that Scott Henkle was driving at. If you can speak to that more, it gives you a leg up.

Katelyn piggybacked on scott’s point. However in the process, she mentioned excel. He didn’t. (technically speaking).

Shawn also piggybacked on scott’s point, emphazing the importance of getting your point out there, and selling yourself. No matter what it is. No matter who you are.

“Find jobs you feel you qualify for”- scott had mentioned that in general, for finding any job that seems appropriate to you. Also networking is another essential thing to do. Especially this one i had atttended virtually. Or attend in person networking events, even with old alumni. Within your alma mater.

Seeking mentorships was something asma alirahi(from Vice Media Group) recommended. Since they can also steer you into a job you would probably desire. (in this case, of course).

A major benefit about being a part of this event is being able to be accompanied by talented people as an exclusive organization that love creatives, and their work.

These were some of the important things i understood, from it. It went pretty great coming from everything I had previously stated.

I tried to network with katelyn uzquiano of paramount and scott henkle of audacy inc. Congratulating them of their wise words, after that event was over, via email stating exactly that.

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