This is from/Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko:

I didn’t think she was black until I saw her face in the video. But the name says it all.

Based on this link here: what i was able to understand from it was this.

She was saying that: ” I want to find some level of Joy.” ” So I went back to school, I actually went and got my MBA from wharton so University of Pennsylvania, and when I was there I said i’m focusing solely on marketing.” It’s good that she graduated from there.

Only because if not she wouldn’t be where she was at in. her company and she wouldn’t be a guest lecturer either.

She has worked with p&g and bud light and other brands. she’s been with unilever for 6 years.

She was asking some people at the time of the recording if the saying: ” doing good is good for business is true or a good statement by Richard Branson, and she said the following:

“well I tell you are all much further along than I was at that age, I was, I was still sort of touring but I, my heart that’s what I wanted to believe.”

“And it’s not going to just talk about soap and and not realize the world that you’re in.”

Like soap and realizing the world you’re in doesn’t have anything to do with each other mking me pretty confused about that quote actually.

“Ben and jerry’s, for example, they have very much always been about champion human issues and champion human rights from their core so when they saw things happening, you know when they respond to things with a tweet or say hey i’m with you (or) i’m not with you.”

“Everyday people consumers applauded their effort, and I said right all right, then you also have the other brands, who would automatically say something.”

Which is something I didn’t know about until now.

Those are some of the notable things I understood and wanted to point out.

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