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My experience at my internship related to the ethical guidelines discussed in the AIGA guide was based on this:

Digital designers do acquaint themselves with a client’s business and design standards. They really act in the client’s best interest wihile staying in the limits of professional responsibility.

Digital designers don’t even work simultaneously on assignments that create a conflict of interest without agreement of the clients or employers concerned, unless if in specific cases where it is the convention of a particular trade for a designer to work at the same time for various competitors.

Designers really acquaint themselves with a client’s business and design standards and act in the client’s best likings, within the limits of professional responsibility.

My internship site handles sourcing of images and the company’s trademarks & logos which have the symbols of city tech, the public affairs and partnerships and accenture(for example) all intact, and not damaged whatsoever.

Digital designers do not knowingly accept any professional assignment, on which another designer has been or is working without notifying, the other designer or until he or she is okay with any previous appointments have been properly cancelled and that all materials relevant to the continuation of the project are the clear property of the client.

Digital Designers are objective and balanced in criticizing another designer’s work and shall not denigrate the work or reputation of a fellow designer.

Digital designers do not claim sole credits for designs on which other designers have collaborated.

Any self-promotion, advertising or publicity must not contain deliberate misstatements of competence, experience or professional capabilities. It must be fair both to clients and other designers.

There are no fees, royalties and salaries in my design internship, at the office of public afffairs and partnerships at city tech because it is an unpaid internship.

I had/did not have to sign a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement at my internship site and any restrictions your site has placed with regard to your internship journal for this class. 

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