Foley Research | Culmination Project



Foley was invented by Jack Foley. Foley was the first sound artist to do film. He pioneered the techniques that are still used today. Foley originated in the 1920s. Foley is a unique way to do sound effects for movies and tv. Foley is usually recorded in post production synchrony with the picture. So they don’t record it before and try to match it with a scene, they record in real time. Foley is needed in movies and tv to replace the field recording or enhance the sound. Foley artists reproduce everyday sounds like footsteps, rain, doors, cars, wind, etc. They record on a foley stage. The stage is filled with thousands of objects, textures, and surfaces to try and recreate the sounds to the film. 

First step, the artist watches the entire movie and writes down all the sound effects that will need to be created. Second step, they gather all the materials they might need for the sound. And last they perform the sounds.     


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