The internship site handles sourcing of images and the company’s trademarks & logos, there were no disclosures about the usage of their logo or images in their email thread.

Actually, I would say the company used images and artwork and recreated inspired by other artists or unknown artists. It seems unethical to me because some of the artwork was similar to the knocked-off cover art.

I wasn’t required to sign a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement at your internship site and any restrictions your site has placed with regard to your internship journal for this class. Confidentiality wasn’t discussed.

I agree with this system of working as a designer, within a collaboration, designers who are aware of their responsibility to create original work and license photographs or receive permissions for photo usage.

“It is important to work with professional integrity. Dealing respectfully with another member of the design profession goes far in ensuring a more stable business environment for practitioners and clients alike. It also supports one of the oldest and most basic tenets of our profession: the autonomy and freedom necessary to create our own professional independence.” (AIGA, Illustrations Ethics)

The readings haven’t changed my perspective on my own design work because I was very aware when you hire an illustrator, it creates a unique and original component to your design work versus using solely a designer to complete the work. For original projects such as collaborations, the record label has created authentic usage of illustrations. When I used photography from another artist, I always credit the photographed because it wasn’t my original work.

I agreed with Shepard Fairey Copyright Case, that an artist has the right to alter a photograph and make it a new form of artistic expression which Fairey created. However, when the artwork was used for profit ‘commerce’ and sold in stores during the “Hope” Poster during the 2008 Presidential Campaign,  The AP should have been compensated partially for the likeness of a photograph.