I learned a great deal of new concepts on design such as figure ground, movement, the value and hue of color and the power of color within a design composition. I am noticing more design principles in ads and billboards around New York City. For example, Jet.com (online wholesale discount shop) has an ad that design principles such as monochromatic, saturation, design hierarchy and color interaction inspired by Joseph Albers.

Also, I learned I can’t bullshit through design projects because it will show in my craftsmanship. Therefore, procrastination will show up as a result which will result in my grades and lack of time and knowledge because I am rushing through the work to just complete it but there’s a form of education there. In addition, I am not just completing homework or projects to finished them but to actually learn and grow in art and design. I have to apply the information into my career and daily practice or I won’t be able to truly succeed in design industry. In conclusion, I learned design isn’t as easy as it appeared to me, since I changed from a Marketing Major to Communication Design with a focus in Graphic Design, it is real work and energy and very time consuming. I can spend 4-5 hours just one projects, hopefully with time, I will learn to work quickly.