Visually Enhanced Quote


This is My Favorite I Actually Got This Picture From Google From a Movie Ironically Entitled ” Boys Don’t Cry ” Staring Hillary Swank That Came Out in 1999. She Put Herself Into a Situation That When Things Got Rough She Ultimately Couldnt Do Anything But Get Over it and Move On With Her Life. I Also Used A Picture Of Spilled Milk That I Got Off Of “Food Stories Blog” and Deformed It a Bit to Make It Fit The Picture.


This Is The Most Simple That I Created I Chose To Focus On The Eye That I Drew Crying Also i Chose To Make The Don’t Red To Emphasize Warning/ Caution.

Spilled Milk

In This I Chose To Used A Liquid Font For The ” Spilled Milk ” Trying To Show That The Spilled Milk Was Dripping I Also Used Red to Emphasize Stop, Lastly I Put The Don’t Cry -Over The- Spilled Milk to Furfill The Quote Without Writing Over.

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I Chose To Go With this Quote Because These exact Words Helped Me Deal With My Anger Issues, If Theres Something You Can Do Fix It If You Cant Get Over It No Use In Getting Angry.

CDMG1111 Digital Media Foundations, FA2015

“American Airlines rebrands itself”
I learned that the logo was created in 1968, by Massimo Vignelli. I know other work from this artist I never knew this was included. I also learned that they were changing it in the first place because that is something that I wasn’t aware of.
I understand the importance of tradition and the fact that the logo is very well known, but we are no longer in the 60’s and life period is about progression. We are in a new era things are upgraded and people are expected to adapt to the new trends example being old people with smart phones. Everything since the 60s has been updated so why not the logo? They kept the colors the same and kept the “American” Eagle distinction. What matters most in my opinion is the customer service which was addressed in the article so I’ll just have to wait and see how those reviews go.

” UCONN Husky” Article.
I learned that different teams wore different uniforms with different logos. I learned that they’ve been trying to get it right since 1959.
I Think it was a great idea for them to recreate their logo. You can see not only the update in technology throughout the years but also the upgrade in innovation and creativity. As stated their new logo gives them a more aggressive look versus the previous I’m fun come play kind of impression. I feel as though it will bring uniformity to the campus seeing as how before each sports uniform was slightly different now they will all have the “I’m proud to be apart of the UCONN family look.”