As a group we are trying to emphasize the importance of exercise and physical activity on the human body in advancing all aspects of personal well being. We will try to inform you about the benefits of engaging in a healthier alternative lifestyle by implementing an exercise regime along with proper nutrition. As you may or may not know America as a whole is one of the most obese locations on the planet earth according to the International Bureau of Health Statistics. We will attempt to shed some light on how to prevent this disorder and how to increase ones individual life expectancy. Please take some time out to explore our page and learn about how a few simple changes in the way individuals eat and actively participate in exercises can drastically improve your health, give you energy, and reduce stress levels. This website was created with the intent to bring information to individuals who are ready and willing to make a change in their life for the positive. This information can be adapted to even the most inactive individual, no prior training or knowledge of exercise is required, all you need is the will to live, and a few minutes of your time to follow these simple guidelines that we have presented for you.

In our daily lives we all see sights such as overweight individuals, and I am pretty sure we all question why are these individuals in that overweight condition, and if I will end up like them if I continue living the way I’m living? The answer to this question lies in you, it lies in your will to succeed and change your self physically as well as mentally. Our group will try to provide basic background information about the number one disease that has taken a hold of the American population. This number one disease is named obesity. In the following paragraphs a quick expansion of what is obesity will follow and what are the health condition that are related with this disease will be explained. Later on a training guide will be exposed to the reader. This traing guide will facilitate a number of exercises that will change you life completely if followed step by step as instructed in the manual (Courseaul 3).

The health problems that come from obesity are vast. Obesity is not just a cosmetic problem. It’s a health hazard. An individual who is 40% overweight is twice as likely to die prematurely as is a normal-weight person. Obesity has been linked to several serious medical conditions, such as: heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, gallbladder disease/gallstones. Osteoarthritis, gout, and breathing problems, such as sleep apnea (when a person stops breathing for a short episodes during sleep) as well as asthma. The sedentary lives people have become accustomed to be ending up to be the cause of a rapidly declining state of health as well as increasing individual susceptibility to disease and ailments, as well as chemically disrupting how the human body works at the molecular level. And to think, all of these detrimental disorders could have easily been prevented by living a proactive lifestyle which incorporates 30 to 45 minutes of physical activity a day 3-4 days a week (the more the better), (Courseaul 2).

When we talk about exercise, we nearly always refer to physical exercise. Exercise is the physical exertion of the body – making the body do a physical activity which results in a healthy or healthier level of physical fitness and both physical and mental health. The way exercise increases our level of health is by triggering our central nervous system to undergo a series of biochemical responses to the stimuli presented, such as the physical work being exerted by the body during training. The body is put into a heightened state of awareness due to an influx of epinephrine better known as adrenaline coursing through the blood stream, the heart beats faster, blood pumps through your blood vessels at 90-100 beats per minute, you become hyperthermic, your respirations increase to over 30 breaths per minute to increase oxygen intake so that your muscles obtain every ounce of nutrients your blood has to offer them, your pupils dilate, and your body starts pumping out vast quantities of neurotransmitters called endorphins which stimulates a euphoric pleasurable feeling. All of these chemical reaction take place in less time than it would take you to blink, and are specifically intended to increase the body’s level of performance as well as improve the way each individual organ system functions, which as a whole increases the level of health that one can achieve. With the recent influx of technological advance as well as the establishment of more fast food chains throughout the nation, people all throughout the country have resorted to an unhealthier lifestyle then they once were engaging in. Some populations of specific cultures in our nation are much more obese than others. According to Caitlin Rose, the Hawaiian population is extremely obese “among the Native American Hawaiian population for example, 37% are obese”.

In addition obesity is only constricted to the Hawaiian population. According to recent a recent study that was conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Health Agency (NHA), from all the states Arizona is the state that has the biggest amount of obese individuals “Those who live in Arizona have much higher rates of obesity (Rose 1). Furthermore, obesity is extremely prevalent in America. Many heart conditions are caused by this state of obesity. According to Caitlin Rose “ In 2004-2005 60% of all Americans had at least one chronic health condition, 26% suffered from two or more chronic health conditions and after the age of 55 those percentages grow by 48 %”. All of these health conditions are related to overweight, obesity and the accumulation of fatty cells in the muscular levels of our systems (Rose 3).

Above all, processed and artificial foods may increase risk of American obesity as well influence many aspects of our world.Traditional cultures that will result, will probability inevitably create sickness and bring the rise of diabetes as well as obesity? The answer for what is causing this great destruction is titled “fast food”. Americans treat food as a source of immediate gratification. “We the people want food to be tasty, we want food to be cheap, and we want food now”. In order to meet this request “ American manufacturers pump their food full of sugars, salts, hydrogenated oils, saturated fats, preservatives, dyes, artificial flavors, and a host of bizarre, unpronounceable chemicals, that if seen in their pre-processed state by the consumer, would never in their wildest dreams prompt consumers to actually go forth and engage in the purchase of this chemically engineered form of sustenance. In that particular state our food is virtually unrecognizable as food”. We as a group strongly believe that it is because of these unethical tactics in the preparation of consumable goods for Americans that the population of the United States suffers with all of these health issues.

With that being said one way to prevent obesity is by exercising on a daily basis and having a proper nutrition when doing such activities. Exercise is very benefitial for a persons Cardiac , Respiratory, and Muscular System. Exercise within the Cardiac System changes certain parts in our body such as heart rate, stroke volume, blood pressure, blood volume and blood flow. With exercise one’s heart rate is lowered, stroke volumes increases, blood pressure is lowered, blood volume increases, and blood flows much steadier then a person who doesnt exercise. In result to the cardiac system a persons blood state is much more healthier in which life expectancy is increased.

As for the respiratory system, oxygen is changed in a matter that suits what the person’s body need. If worked on a person may breathe slower and lighter, and have less muscle spasms, injuries and more. As for your muscular system, exercise can help make you stronger, more active, have better endurance, and control abdominal fat.Another main factor to see results when exercising is nutrition.With proper nutrition the effects of exercising can be greatly enhanced. A proper nutrition guide for working out can be found here This guide will help you with what type of foods must be consumed for cardio and strength training to receive a enhanced result.