Firstly, I wanted to start my introduction by thanking all of my group members for their extraordinary performance in and out of the class room. We were a great group that functioned extremely well under sever educational pressure.

My name is Tomer Yakov and I am a Senior in CityTech. I graduated with my Associates from the Department of Radiological Technology and Medical Imaging in 2011. Currently I am perusing my Bachelors of Science in Radiological Sciences in CityTech, I was extremely glad to be Part of this class. This class was interesting and very efficient in explaining current daily matters that are encapsulating our society.

Hi, I’m Simon Sachakov and I am a Softmore in CityTech. I am working on acquiring my associates degree in Radiology Technology. As well as an Associate Degree I am currently pursuing a Personal Training License which I will be obtaining this summer so I can aid individuals like yourself on how to increase their health status and prolong their life expectancy through proper nutrition and exercise. I learned a lot in this class especially in regards to the world around us and how we as a whole the acquire information, this class helped me visualize how there is always more than one solution to a particular problem. With my concluding statement I just want to say thanks Tomer and Kevin for being so active in this project and extremely efficient as a group and thanks Professor Beilin for showing us how to utilize the internet to its fullest and how to properly obtain credible resources to aid in our endeavors.

Hello my name is Kevin Bayolima and I am a Freshman in CityTech. I am working towards acquiring my Bachelor Degree in Emerging Medias. I believe I learned a lot since I started this class. I did not know much about requiring information but this class has taught a great deal of knowledge that can help me research topics and information for future classes. This class opened my eyes to things I did not know such as Filter Bubbles and Copyright As for the project I was part of Team Ironman in which I was happy to participate in. Hopefully this will help students on their way to a healthier life style.To conclude I thank the viewers for their time to see this website and I hope it helps.

                                    Thank You for your Attention and Time,

                                                                                          The Iron Man Group.