Hello to all the students. My name is Tomer Yakov and I am one of the members of the Iron Men group. At first when the entire idea of the group documentation project was exposed to us students in the Lib 1201 class, I was slightly overwhelmed by the amount of work waiting for me. Simon being one of the group members was extremely interested in Exercise and the way our body works. Similarly I am also extremely interned in the way our body functions. On top of all I have profound accumulated knowledge of anatomy as well as all my other members. This is why we have decided to go towards the direction of a general topic that focuses on how to increase or enhance your physical shape through the utilization of exercise.

In my personal research, I have decided to use many various sources about the information that was needed concerning this project. I searched for pictures and peer reviewed sources the reflects its opinions related to workout methods. Another member of our group is Simon Sachakov.

Simon is the second member of our group and has literally set up the layout of what was to become our website, as well as provide us with the information necessary for creating this site, as he is obtaining his personal trainer license this summer and obtains sufficient knowledge on the matter. Simon created the meal plans and exercise routines from scratch, as well as posted the pictures and videos to the site. Simon was an extremely crucial key into to getting this project up and running.

The third and final member was Kevin. Kevin is the third link in our group’s chain. Kevin was also extremely helpful in maintaining the whole buildup of the project and making the process easier to manipulate. It was thanks to his tech savvy ingenuity that we actually got the website up and running as well as had the opportunity to write data on the actual site. He also provided information on the effects of exercise on the cardiac, respiratory,and muscular systems. He also provided information on nutrition for when one does such activities. No one member did more than the other and all the effort was shared equally between all three participants in the group.

In order to accumulate the information needed for this project we as a group have used Google Scholar, EBSCO and GALE.  We have also used many other sources and websites that basically served as a guide to help us create this website. The implementation process of our project was extremely easy. Each individual member given specific divided categories to research and write about. After each of us completed this task, we as group united our researched materials and created a whole unified full essay.

The information sources that were seen in our project and those that our group were part of are intended for students in  CUNY and the CityTech college community network. I believe that our sources and written content are extremely different from all the other sources that we have seen or used before hand either in class or online. Yes we have created a guide or in another words a plan for exercise, and yes such guides exist in abundance in our society, but the key in our guide is that all the content that is related to specific exercise routines that were created by our group member Simon Sachakov who is in the process of acquiring his personal training license and who has worked on the routine workout sheets for many years due to personal reasons that are related to exercise. This is why our method of guidance is different, can be implemented by literally anyone, and will get you in shape.

Our suggestion for students that will be a part of this class in future semesters is the following, before you start this project you need to think carefully what topic and theme you will focus on. In addition a full hierarchy of workload needs to be established. It will be a good idea to create a strict guideline system to emphasize what students will be responsible for certain project writing and presentation tasks.