Once the interview is finished, it is good to always ask questions to the potential employer because it shows an interest and passion for a job. Many times, during an interview, new information that was never heard of before is found out so in order to clarify things that are misunderstood, questions should always be asked. However, always be alert about what should not be asked to a potential employer since this can greatly reduce the chances of getting a job, so in hindsight be careful of what questions to ask. At the very end, shake hands with the interviewer(s) and exchange pleasantries. Try to invest some feeling into the handshake and pleasantries, even if the feeling is given that the interview went well. Send a “thank you” note by email on the same day if the interview was in the morning, and by the next morning if the interview was in the afternoon. The interviewer should give a time frame for when to expect to get a callback, if applicable.