It is important, before going on a job interview, that the address of the company interested is searched.

  1. Go on to and type in the name of the company and the search results will show the information related to the company, the main website and the address to the company. If the address is already known, go straight on Google to search the directions to the company.
  2. On Google’s website, to the right hand corner, it shows the information of a company such as: the description, address, hours, phone number, pictures, website and directions. Or if inquiring about the company on a cell phone device, as soon as the search is done, the options of calling, directions, sharing to their social media, and the option to go to the website is offered.
  3. When you click on the box that says directions, on the right hand corner, it will go straight to Google maps.
  4. Google maps gives many options to choose from such as taking the bus, train, Uber (cab), Lyft(cab), riding on a bike or the walking destination. It also shows the time of departure and the arrival to the destination as well as how many stops there is whether the choice is to take the bus or train. It even shows the exact time in which the train and/or bus arrives to the station and/or bus stop. If using a cell phone, it is even easier and faster to use the GPS as soon as it is time to leave.
  5. Once you choose the type of transportation that best fits the route, make sure to be familiar with the street names, names of the stops, how long it will take to arrive, the time of departure, also if there will be any traffic (especially during rush hour) or any delays in train stations or buses so that extra time can be given to get to the interview.

For the job interview, make sure to arrive early and ready.