First impressions are critical when interviewing for a job. The appearance given makes a statement before even saying a word. Hygiene is important. Make sure hair is neatly brushed. The best hairstyles for women include: a bun, French braid, ponytail or loose. Men must make sure facial hair is trimmed. Unkept facial hair can give interviewers a negative impression. Avoid flashy jewelry. Do not wear large earrings or necklaces. A suit is the preferred choice of clothing for both men and women. A suit consist of a matching blazer and slacks. Also wear a coordinating button down shirt with a suit. Men should wear a matching tie with their suit. Women have the option of wearing a skirt instead of slacks. The skirt must be no shorter then knee length. The best colors to wear are black, gray and navy blue. Clothing with a subtle pinstripe or plaid pattern are acceptable. If there is no suit to wear then wear slacks, a button-down shirt and/or cardigan. Clothing should be ironed. Shoes should be polished. Men can wear loafers. Women can wear flats, loafers or high heels. Avoid fragrances with strong smells.