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    Christina Fisher
    Inheritance Laws of the United States: Part 2

    West Virginia Intestate Succession: Part 2

    1a. W. Va. Code § 42 -1-3a. In West Virginia, if a decedent is survived by a spouse and issue the spouse inherits everything. In New York, the spouse inherits the first 50,000.00 plus a have of the balance. The descendants inherit the leftover amount.

    1b. W. Va. Code § 42 -1-3. In West Virginia, if a decedent is survived by a spouse with no issue, the spouse inherits everything. In New York, the spouse would inherit everything also.

    1c. W. Va. Code § 42 -1-3a. In West Virginia if a decedent is survived by no spouse and no issue, the parents inherit everything. New York has the same law as West Virginia regarding being survived by no spouse or issue.

    2. West Virginia age of testamentary capacity W. Va. Code § 41-1-1 to 41-1-5. West Virginia’s law basically- states that you have to be at least 18 years old and of sound mind, have testamentary intent, the will must be in writing, testator must sign the will and two witnesses must sign in front of the testator and one another. New York’s law says almost the same as West Virginia except New York law goes a little further by saying the testator must know the nature and extent of property,know the where the bounty will be transferred to and have a plan to distribute property to actual person.Compared to New York, I think West Virginia’s law is more relaxed.

    3. West Virginia’s statute that provides the witness necessary to duly execute a will: W. Va. Code § 41-1-3. This statute says that there has to be at least two competent witnesses. New York’s law state 2 witnesses are needed as well as a self proving affidavit.

    1. Christina Post author

      The city with the largest population in West Virginia is Charleston city.

      Probate Law Firm in Charleston, West Virginia:
      Law Office of James T, Cooper: http://www.hg.org/attorney/johnstone-and-gabhart-llp/107063
      When I looked at the website, I thought the website appeared as expected. It was very simple. There was nothing that stood out about the website. I just feel like advertisement is everything for a lot of professions. Especially law, because there are so many lawyers specializing in the areas of law. I guess, with the law profession being considered “conservative”- I guess it is ok.

      Real Estate Appraiser:
      Ronald S. Plott, Jr.: http://www.plottappraisals.com/
      This website is straight to the point. There is a breif summary of the firm and what they speacialize in and then there is place to enter your information, so someone can contact you. I was not wowed at all. I was more like ok. It was straight to the point. I took from it, that the idea behind it could have been, lets get straight to business.

      Court :Kanawha County Probate
      Address: 407 Virginia St E, Charleston, WV 25301
      Court image link (would not allow to paste picture):http://www.usatravel.hu/fckep/Image/West-Virginia/Charleston2.jpg

      There is no paralegal program, I see there are online schools. I figure this is because generally in law you don’t really need a degree to be a paralegal. From my understanding, this is because there is no license for paralegals. There is a political science major at the University of Charleston:http://www.ucwv.edu/majors/political_science/
      The site doesn’t specify if the program is ABA approved.
      This cost of tuition to attend this school is 40,7000.00 – way more than City Tech.


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