New Hampshire

Q. 4

The city with the largest population in New Hampshire is Manchester.This City has a population of 109,565, comparing to the others cities his population is three times-largest than the other ones.  A law firm in Manchester that handles probate estate is CRAIG, DEACHMAN & AMANN PLLC Attorney at Law.There website is,the website looked interesting. the firm also handles , foreclosure, business law and real estate legal services in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.


A Real Estate in Manchester is Nixon Pearbody LLP, the website for the firm is I chose this website because this is one of the largest multi-practice law firms in the United States, with offices in 14 cities on the east and west coasts and more than 600 attorneys working in 15 major practice areas. This firm realize a lot pro bone work in the city of Manchester.



Manchester Courthouse

9th Circuit – District Division – Manchester
35 Amherst Street
Manchester, NH 03101

Justice : Hon. William H. Lyons
Justice : Hon. John C. Emery
Justice : Hon. Gregory E. Michael
Circuit Clerk : Mary Barton
Associate Clerk: Patricia Spencer

Jurisdiction : City of Manchester.



Mount Washington college has an Associate of Science in Paralegal studies, Some program courses in legal areas are Legal research, Civil and criminal law, Property law and Wills, estates, and trusts. there paralegal program provides a fundamental awareness of the law and practical hands-on skills that can prepare you to meet the demands of the paralegal profession.

Manchester Campus
3 Sundial Avenue
Manchester, New Hampshire 03103


the school is not approved by the ABA

there tuition is

8-week Term Tuition (per 3-credit course) $1,125.00

8-week Term Tuition per Credit $375.00

this school cost more than City Tech


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