Monthly Archives: May 2016

3 Companies I’d like to work for:

One design company I would love to work with is: Cibo. Link:

Reason: it’s a hi-end design firm with clients such as Lenovo computers and a car company… Tesla. It’s a small car company but certainly an innovator, I would give anything to work on such an account.

Another design company I would like to work for is: Lorraine Gregory Communications: Link:

Reason: this company has a 21-century approach to design and marketing, it would be an excellent fit for me.

Avatar is another design company I’d like to work for: link:

Reason: cutting edge design work! They do a lot with fashion. I wish I could get into the firm.


Post for Visit to Cooper Hewitt:


When we visit the Cooper-Hewitt 1 thing I’m excited about is: The “Pixar” exhibition looks very interesting! It has hand-drawn sketches, paintings, from over 25 Pixar films. Hands-on design activities that show how Pixar develops its characters – I would certainly like to do that, and it makes me want to look around and see what else they have to do and see.