Week 5

VSCO Camera

If you are looking for a camera app that will let you have the functions of a dslrI, then there’s only one app VSCO. I have been using vsco for around 3 years now. When it first came out it had given the user a wide range of filters to choose from in order to make them look good, which was something a lot of apps allow you to do. What makes VSCO stand out of the crowd is it’s new features that allows the user to shoot in RAW mode, set their own aperture, shutter speed and ISO. It also has a decent post editor which allows to tweet the colors of your images. After the user is done they can publis directly to their social media page or their personal journal on the app. The over all look and use ability of VSCO is great. It’s very easy to navigate around it.



Dubble is an app which is focused on a photography technique called Double Exposure. I personally find this app to be a bit boring. It does not allow the user to have any creative freedom. All it does is take a photo already in your images and then combines it with another users photo. The fact it doesn’t allow the user to take a picture within the app is something that bothered me. Over all the whole entire look and feel of the app is similar to IG.