Week 1

I have found my intership at an Afterschool program, Leap, that works with middle schoolers. Leap helps the students learn new things and prepares them for highschools that will best fit what they would like to do in the future. The Leap afterschool program is driven to equip students with the tools necessary to prusue their passions in. In this afterschool program there are three academys: Art Academy, Tech Academy and sports academy.

The afterschool program has created a new league for their sports academy this year. I created the identity for the program which is called Bolt League. There will be different branches for Bolt. One of them being basketball and the other being soccer. More sports will be added later on. For the basketball there are six schools that are competing for a champianship, and will end in March.

The photo above shows one of the basketball games that happened for the basketball championship. I was tasked to take photographs for the game. The shirts that the players are wearing were designed by me.