Week 3

I have dedicated this week to creating site maps and wireframes for the bolt soccer website.

The site director wanted to a website that was clean and simple, unlike what he had for the bolt league basketball. So I haven’t online and didi some research on how soccer websites look like currently, how many pages they have and what kind of content is included. I also looked at websites like www.usopen.org and www.fifa.com.

After that I went in search for templates for sports websites.

The links below are some of the templates that I have used as inspiration.



What I liked about this page was the slider being the first thing a user will see on the page and that is what my director wishes to see in the website. What I don’t like about this page  is that when you scroll down the page everything starts to overlap which makes it very distracting.



The overall look for this website is clean simple and direct which is how the soccer website  is suppose to look like for the league.