GNYDM 2018 

I am beyond grateful to have participated in the Greater New York Dental Convention – one of the largest Dental Congresses globally. Interacting with over 600 Exhibitors and learning from them about new products and technology from all over the world was an enriching experience. I saw materials and technology in the field of Dentistry that I had never seen before, which was enjoyable and educational. The Greater New York Dental Convention also had a social aspect to it which made everything that was presented more effective. I enjoyed seeing the great work shown during the scientific poster session and I loved meeting future dentists, dental hygienists, students- my future colleagues. Overall, the convention was a great way to bring the community with the same interests together and demonstrate what the fascinating field of Dentistry is really about. 

A picture of me at GNYDM 2018.

GNYDM 2019

In 2019, I was honored to attend GNYDM again and participate in various fun activities with Colgate Smile. At the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, my group and I volunteered to teach hundreds of elementary school children how to brush their teeth. This program successfully brought the community together as a way to support oral hygiene education and teach the kids basic dental care. The children were very happy and it was a joyous experience for me as well.

Picture of my classmate and I at GNYDM 2019.