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Botanical Garden Trip

While on our field trip we were sent to look for three real life examples of tint, shade and compliment tint. Here are the examples I found



Compliment tint

Compliment tint



The shade example was the hardest to find, since flowers tend to get lighter as it gets closer to the stem. Despite that, the example I found works really well and blends well between the two states.

The compliment shade was the most beautiful example. In it we were able to see how the two different colors begin to blend together and see the clear transition.

The tint example was the easiest to spot, since like I mentioned before, flowers tend to gt lighter as you go toward the stem. It goes from a muted purple to a white hue.

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BRIC House trip

2014-02-20 12.19.05

The most impressive thing about the exhibit is the amount of open space in the place. This helps us focus in on the few things that are being showcased here.

2014-02-20 12.19.37
A small introduction to the exhibit

2014-02-20 13.03.13
This piece was somethng that carries a very simple idea. How can a make an already existing image, and make it seem like a piece of music? By using cut out blocks of solid color, and cutting up the image (reproduced graffiti art) allowed for a rhythmic reading of the art. It was interesting to see how to change an existing object into something new

2014-02-20 12.21.36
Although seemingly chaotic, one can easily see how the artist used the music to guide his art. It is almost as if he changed his art style with the change of music.

2014-02-20 12.59.16

Overall, I feel that the exhibit can be exemplified by this final image. Although everything is a different size, and of different years, it all fits well with each other. Music is the same way. Each decade can be defined by a certain genre of music, but at the same time all genres of music fit together and influence one another. It was really interesting to see how people can all uniquely view this relationship and put into a visual medium.

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February 24, 2014 · 12:06 pm