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Animated GIF Mashup/video

Choosing the songs was a simple matter. Both What a Wonderful World and Take Me Out define legato and staccato respectively. The real problem was trying to pick the right moments to blend together from each song. I had to pick a smooth transitional moment, and I think I did a good job of it. Making the animated GIF was a lot of fun, especially when it comes to repeating it. It is going to take some practice, but I hope to be able to improve my skills in making them


2 hours

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Staccato/Legato Mashup

Although I enjoy music, this project was still very difficult for me. I found that finding the right element to represent what Staccato was, and what Leggato was in the songs I picked (Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand for Staccato, and What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong for Leggato). Nonetheless I did my best and I feel that both of my attempts turned out well.

Staccato Legato


Hour(s) Worked: 6 Hours

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BRIC House trip

2014-02-20 12.19.05

The most impressive thing about the exhibit is the amount of open space in the place. This helps us focus in on the few things that are being showcased here.

2014-02-20 12.19.37
A small introduction to the exhibit

2014-02-20 13.03.13
This piece was somethng that carries a very simple idea. How can a make an already existing image, and make it seem like a piece of music? By using cut out blocks of solid color, and cutting up the image (reproduced graffiti art) allowed for a rhythmic reading of the art. It was interesting to see how to change an existing object into something new

2014-02-20 12.21.36
Although seemingly chaotic, one can easily see how the artist used the music to guide his art. It is almost as if he changed his art style with the change of music.

2014-02-20 12.59.16

Overall, I feel that the exhibit can be exemplified by this final image. Although everything is a different size, and of different years, it all fits well with each other. Music is the same way. Each decade can be defined by a certain genre of music, but at the same time all genres of music fit together and influence one another. It was really interesting to see how people can all uniquely view this relationship and put into a visual medium.

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February 24, 2014 · 12:06 pm

Aural Topographies: Research

Music affects people differently. This is how I see and interpret my favorite song, Anthem of the Angels by Breaking Benjamin.


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Line Networks : Monotony and Variety

This project was done to show how sound can be represented with lines showing rhythm and variety.




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Cut Paper Compositions

Cut Paper

Picking the four best (2 stable, 2 ambiguous) figure ground relationships, I proceeded to cut black paper, and place it on bristol to further enhance and demonstrate the relationship.

Work Hour(s): 2 hours

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Assignment # 1, Research & thumbnail

New Jersey is within my view. I can see the part that is mostly untouched by man-made things. It sits in the background as a constant reminder of the past, while in front of it sits the present. I see buildings of brick & mortar, steel & glass. To the bottom right of the window, a park sits there. Quietly.

The park is full of movement, despite the cold weather. People play soccer and football on the turf, while the kids run up and down the park covered in snow. The pine trees sit, cuddled in the warmth of their leaves while the bare trees sit there lonely, without there leaves. The cars pass by the park, zipping up and down 11th Avenue, rushing to and from work.



Work hour(s): 1 hour

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