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Staccato / Legato Pattern Mashup PREP

This is a simple precursor to the continued mash up of different music styles. This is based on two songs I was listening to at the time, which helped me to create these interesting images to represent Legato and Staccato. It was difficult, but I know I did my best







Hour(s) Worked: 2 hours

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Cut Paper Compositions

Cut Paper

Picking the four best (2 stable, 2 ambiguous) figure ground relationships, I proceeded to cut black paper, and place it on bristol to further enhance and demonstrate the relationship.

Work Hour(s): 2 hours

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Inked Thumbnails


Here are my 6 inked Thumbnails, 3 of which represent a stable figure/ground relationship, and 3 which represent an ambiguous figure/ground relationship.

Work Hours: 2 hours

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