The Video Project

For class we had to make a video about something we know how to do, and teach others how to do them. For my video i decided to make one on how to take the subway in NYC to make it humorous for me and everyone else watching. But i genuinely made the video on how to use the subway because if anything, tourist would be able to look at it and learn how to take the subway without any problems.

My Storyboard


I made this storyboard as an idea of where to start and how to come about my “how to” video. I wanted to show people how to use the subway if they never had done so before. I wanted to start off being on the staten island ferry to show NYC and for the content of the video to be based on NYC and how to use the subway. I didn’t use any music because i thought sound effects and audio would be better like for the train is coming there is a sound effect of children cheering which i wanted to be humorous.

Final Video

While making the video some complications i encountered was the way i was holding the camera and trying to figure out if it would fit in the frame the way i wanted it to. I wanted to make it humorous to the audience and wanted it to be relatable for anyone living in NYC. Another complication I had with this was that I did this all by myself, I didn’t have anyone to help me with the camera and that was pretty difficult since it was heavy and i had to shoot myself walking while it was raining which was the most complicated part. Though, i believe it turned out pretty alright for me doing it alone but i wish it came out better looking because I was still learning and still trying to figure out the camera myself.