United Federation of Teachers – Print Shop

An Old Web Press


1. This web press was very surprising to me in terms that it is very old fashioned and is possibly 55 years old in age. I found it very exciting this this machine because of its old technology and how its still being used to this day, which is pretty amazing. This machine by far was one of my favorites only because of its amazing and interesting look while as to its job which was to print out large amounts at a time and also how it weighed about 4,000lb which is pretty heavy.

2. Some different jobs I learned while being on this trip was that if you want to a t-shirt designer you’ll have to know how to use the printer for it and how to make it stay on the t-shirt. This job of being a t-shit designer sparked my interested only because it gave me an insight on how most t-shirts that different brands/ stores sell are made and how they design it on the computer. This interested me for my own career path because making t-shirts would be cool and seeing other people wearing them would be pretty amazing, while also making a brand.

3. This visit to the print shop changed my perspective on my design work because it gave me an insight on how you actually have to know the color wheel and see how it would work on a shirt. Also how the colors would come out and how to change it for it to come out right. It also gave me a new perspective on how all designers should know about printing and how it all works because the way its printed can affect the design work and the colors.