The reading was excellent in that it provided a wealth of information about the designer’s perspective. These readings provided me with so much information that it has shifted my viewpoint on my own design work. There was so much to learn from just one paragraph on each topic. I especially liked the reading on Beyond Copyright Concerns: Ethical Issues in Retouching Imagery. When I go to an Afghan restaurant with my family to eat, I always see this image. Several examples of other people’s creative work appeared in my most recent project, a magazine I prepared for my class, and I credited the photographers in the captions. In addition, my professor provided numerous examples in class each week.


In the instance of the Fairey Copyright Hope Poster, I believe that when you publish something or create a design, you should always make sure that you are not targeting others. But, in my opinion,The poster should have been published with permission, and he shouldn’t have lied about the poster in such a blatant manner. As he had destroyed documents and made up others to conceal the fact that his poster was based on them. Fairey also tried to hide the original photo’s true identity in order to bolster his case by stating that he had to make more alterations to the source photo than he actually did, and that he had to crop it at the very least.

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