I was given the task of designing a newsletter article for task 4. The article is from February 2022 in the newsletter. Antonio also provided me with examples of previously created newsletters, which I found at https://www.unityforequality.org/reports/. He emailed me the article document, which I was responsible for designing. It must be A4 size (210mm by 297mm) before I begin designing, and the finalized design will be provided to him in PNG format via email at antoniolopez@unityforequality.org or by using the rock app. 

Morgan Taylor’s article is called “Women in the Entertainment Industry.” For design, Antonio recommended that I use Indesign, and if I am not familiar with Indesign, I can utilize software that I’m already familiar with. I can include photographs that pertain to the article in this work. I’m free to use any font I like. I was permitted to include the information from the word doc in the design. Also, I can incorporate the logo into the article if I want; it doesn’t have to be large. www.unityforequality.org/reports offers designs of prior newsletter article designs that I can use as examples or inspiration. 

I learned how to design a newsletter from this task, which I had never done before. Looking at the sample also helps me understand what I should design. When Antonio constantly gives me references for whatever I need for my tasks, I feel amazing. I love being a part of this organization because every new work gives me something to look forward to, and it teaches me so much from the program and lets me find new things I hadn’t seen or heard of before.

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