In terms of my task, 3 I was tasked with designing a couple of reusable shopping bags/tote bags. the designs need to utilize the company colors. The logo and the name unity for equality needed to be printed on one side of the bag. The reverse side of the bag can be festive or colorful, or it can have a picture or a quote on it. For this task, I had to create mockups. I can use the bags I found online, but I was permitted to be creative with the tote bag/reusable supermarket bag. I was free to use any typeface I wanted, however, the colors for the font and bags had to match the branding colors or whatever colors I thought went best with the design.

I made two different variants. One file has black fonts, while the other has a logo color. My supervisor was free to choose whatever she desires. Antonio commented: Thank you for the tote bag designs and for the wonderful work you put out, they look amazing. I enjoyed doing this task very much. I loved finding pictures, playing with colors, designing, playing with logos, and looking at varieties of designs.

black and white


Supervisor loved my tote bag design and asked if I could put this mockup by itself without the other mockup designs.

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