Fanatic Card

It  feels amazing to make a difference in ones life and have their dream come true. You may think I hardly see my guests how can I create magic during their stay? Well, truthfully you can. It may not be in person or directly but when the guest enters the room and sees how well their room was taken care of and showing them I took the time and effort to make sure their room and their vacation was magical. This all being leaving them special touches and notes.

On March 31, 2012 I recieved a Fanatic Card. My guests had left a comment stating how I provided them a nice and a clean room. As far as leaving a note for Port Orleans to see, they also left me a personal note thanking me and how I made their room very special. (This note is on the bulletin board in my leaders office.) When I saw my name up on that over head projector I was very proud of myself. This made me push myself  more and make sure to provide a better service each time. It was a motivation to me. Well, now that I am back to a floater again, due to being a runner at times I lost my section. I will not be able to get recognized. And this is done at the end of the month so I only had that month to feel special. It was amazing while it lasted.



Bowl for Charity

Bowl for Charity

Today was such an amazing day. First off, I had a half day at work.  Which was great. Which then it just got better. All of the Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter Resort college program cast members and cast members went to AMC Kissimmee bowling. We recieved T-shirts that says “Disney Voluntears,” I found it to be real cute and loved it. This was an event for “Central Florida Junior Achievment.” A charity to raise money for scholarships and many other educational reasons. This organization takes place once a year and last year 250,000 dollars was raised. I wonder how much we raise this year.

It was such a great feeling to volunteer for such an amazing cause. I am looking forward for volunteering to many other charities and fund raising events that is as beneficial as this. I was upset that I was not able to  contribute to any volunteer work due to my schedule but thanks to my job it gave us the experience and the opportunity to be part of it.

Give Kids the World

On Sunday March 25, 2012 I experienced the most beautiful thing that an individual ever can. It was amazing seeing those eyes sparkle and being the reason why everyone has a smile on their face. Sunday, I had volunteered at an organization called ” Give Kids the World.”  I thank Disney for giving this opportunity to me and allowing me to create magic in their lives.

I had the most amazing role in GKTW. Once I have entered the village it felt like  I was in a whole different planet. It was beautiful.  It was having the kids and family to forget about all their problems, worries and have fun. Being part of their happiness made me happy; having the best feeling ever. It made me realize how the smallest thing to them means everything. After all, “To the world you may be one person  but to one person you may be the world.”(Bill Wilson)

John Dewey quotes: ” all genuine education comes about through experience.” Meaning experiences in life and education are intertwined with one another. What is learnt is based on experience and experience is based on what is learned. As far as my volunteer work goes I learned that I can make a difference in someone’s world. That I can make a change for them and forget about everything. I too, forgot about my stress and work for those four hours. Dewey also mentions that “experience is a force that either moves a person toward or away from learning.” In my case it definetely made me move toward learning. Learning as in how one feels, what makes them happy or upset. A way of approaching and understanding an individual. In GKTW I learned that everyday and everything should be appreciated. Be grateful for being the way I am, healthy and everyone around me.

Being a volunteer at Give Kids the World may seem something small perhaps. But it really isn’t. Matter of fact it is huge. It is making their wish come true. For that day or week it is making sure it is all about them. I now will look at everyone differently.  Afterall, everyone has a story that is hidden behind their eyes.

“To the world you may be one person  but to one person you may be the world.” I believe I was involved with being part of that person’s world. I truly did witness thier happiness. I sensed them floating on clouds and just being themselves without worrying about their illness or any other situation.