Community Service

Bowl for Charity

Today was such an amazing day. First off, I had a half day at work.  Which was great. Which then it just got better. All of the Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter Resort college program cast members and cast members went to AMC Kissimmee bowling. We recieved T-shirts that says “Disney Voluntears,” I found it to be real cute and loved it. This was an event for “Central Florida Junior Achievment.” A charity to raise money for scholarships and many other educational reasons. This organization takes place once a year and last year 250,000 dollars was raised. I wonder how much we raise this year.

It was such a great feeling to volunteer for such an amazing cause. I am looking forward for volunteering to many other charities and fund raising events that is as beneficial as this. I was upset that I was not able to  contribute to any volunteer work due to my schedule but thanks to my job it gave us the experience and the opportunity to be part of it.

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