HW for Wed 3/25

Hi All,

So… I hope to see many of you on Zoom on Wed from 230-3p or so.  I hope we will have a chance to do some listening to and writing about music together, using some of Zoom’s “party” features that I learned about this weekend. 😉

For Wednesday, I’m going light on you with the assignment because I want people to catch up on the work that’s been assigned so far–as well as on essay feedback for others in the class.  To that end, here’s what I’d like you to do:

  1. Re-read as much of the course website as you can (including blog assignments, essay assignments, other students’ essays, links to videos, links to library resources, quizzes, etc.).  Then, find at least one assignment you’ve completed and revise it—OR—find one assignment you haven’t done yet and DO IT.  In your response to this blog post, under #1, simply write the title of the assignment you did or revised.

2. Find a text that connects to your Essay 2 song in some way and which you think you WANT TO READ.  Next to #2, below, write the text’s title, author name, and publication/website (e.g., NYTimes, Medium.com, etc.).

3. Provide Essay 1 feedback for Jennessy Jiminian and Shania Newsam (essays available in “Course Docs -> Student Essay 1s”, titled by student last name).

That’s it. As always send me your questions… I’ll do my best with them!


6 thoughts on “HW for Wed 3/25”

    1. Duly noted, Jeicot–this sounds like a great article you’ve found (and I’m pleasantly surprised to hear you want to write about The Cure ;).
      Looking forward to your Essay 2.

    1. Islam,
      Glad you’re trying to get caught up in spite of the mess we’re all in!
      For your Essay 2 article, I recommend that you look for a text that deals with one of the issues you’re interested in in the song you’ve chosen—love, passion, cricket, etc.—instead of a short biography. I’m looking for you to connect the song to ideas written about one of the key issues/themes it evokes; I’m not as interested in your connecting the song to the biography of the artist who made it. We can talk more about why I say this via e-mail or Zoom, but for now please try to find another text and let me know the title, author, and publication related to it.

  1. The song is called “Tru” by Lloyd. I choose this song because when I listen to it, it makes me feel like I was there when he talks about his troubles. In his song he expressed his experiences vicariously through his lyrics so by reading into interviews it helped me understand what he said things the way he did.

    Interview:Lloyd Talks Making His Most Intimate Music Yet, Going Independent & The murder Inc. Days. Written by Daniel Pardalis. This interview gave me answers to the song that I wasn’t sure about before so I was interested in reading it.


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