Chocolate Dipped Bonbons- Week 12

Today’s class was all about “Hand Dipping”! We made an array of different candies such as, Mozartkuglen (Mozart Bonbon’s), Almond Joy’s, Grand Mariner Truffles, and Hazelnut Marzipan Bonbon’s. All of these candies where carefully hand dipped one by one into either Dark, or Milk Chocolate and garnished with White Chocolate. 









These are the Mozartkuglen’s. Inside is a hand rolled chocolate nougat covered in a pistachio marzipan. We then hand dipped each one into Dark Chocolate drizzled with white chocolate and a light sprinkle of pistachio dust.

These rich velvety smooth chocolate Bonbon’s are infused with Grand Marnier. They are then hand dipped individually into rich dark chocolate and garnished with a julienne of candied organe peel.


A classic childhood favorite to many, Almond Joy’s. These rich coconut candies are enrobed in either dark or milk chocolate, they are then garnished with a drizzle of either dark or white chocolate we then lightly sprinkled some toasted coconut on top.


These elegant little confections are Hazelnut and Pistachio marzipan Bonbon’s that we delicately hand dipped into dark chocolate and garnished with a small drizzle of White chocolate.

Our overall production was very successful, and everyone had fun learning more about how to handle chocolate

Everything was delicious!


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