Heights Chateau by Marlie Vilfort

The Heights Chateau is a fine wine and spirits shop. It is located on 123 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn New York. The store is not a large store, although they use up the space they have to their ability. .The Heights Chateau offers a wide variety of wines, from your reds to your whites. They also offer liquor. They use wooden stands to hold the bottles of wine.00000It creates a barrier and allows space for more wines. By dividing the wine like this, they are able to house over one hundred different varieties of wine.The Heights Chateau makes it easy to find the wines you are looking for. They have the whole shop arranged by country/origin then by the location inside the country. This picture shows wines from France. Each wine is then divided by its region. This way I was able to find a wine within seconds.They also carry champagne, of which has its own section in the store.0001 They range from prosecco to Cremant de Bourgogne Rose Brut NV.  As I was talking to the store clerk, she informed me that just about every month they get new types of wines. They discount the oldest ones to make way for the new wines. The newest white wine they had received is La Cala from Stella and Mosca with a vintage of 2014. The wine is said to have a full body taste. The newest red wine to hit the shelf was a Malbec from Trilogie with the vintage of 2015. This wine is said to have flavors of ripe plum, and chocolate. It leaves a graceful mouth feel.

003The photo above shows their kosher wine selection. The kosher wine is made through the same process as regular wines, with the exception that it must be kept away from chametz. In order for the store to carry the kosher wine, they are monitored by an authoritative rabbi . The rabbi checks to make sure the wine is handled and taken care of properly so his people can enjoy it. Ironically, not only Jewish people buy the kosher wines. The clerk informed me that because most kosher wines are made with labrusca, they are often sweet.

01 This is a key that I found on the side of the Syrah wines. Some of the bottles are labeled with each symbol. The symbol stands for if its biodynamic, organic, made in New York, or Washington/Oregon . The Heights Chateau has so much to offer. It has something for everyone and will be my first choice at going to buy wine.

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