Retail Wine Shop Anaylsis

The first wine store I visited was New York Wine Exchange located on 9 Broadway. I have passed by this store plenty of times since it is near my job, so I took the opportunity to finally go in. Once I walked in I felt like I was being rushed to buy something, by several different employees just asking do you need help. Once I told them I’m a student and about the assignment they all just rushed away like if I wasn’t a paying customer then I shouldn’t be there. It was really unwelcoming. What I did notice was that they displayed their wines based on the regions they were from. Also that their front display were wine that were on sale. All of their white wines were on Fridges toward the back of the store and those were also organized by the different wine regions and countries.

The second Wine store that I visited was Pour located in the Upper West Side. I loved this store it was clean, bright, modern, and made it very easy to shop. They were also giving wine tasting so that’s always a plus. This store displayed their wines based on food paring instead of regions. They started with bubbly in the front of the store worked their way to crisp, mellow, plush, bright, velvety, bold and lastly sweet. Both of the employees were willing to help and answer any questions. They choose to display their wines that way to make it easier for the average customer, which are usually looking for wine to go with a special dinner they have planned. They also store their wines horizontally because it keeps the cork wet and the wine from going bad. They put their newer wines in the front display to let guest know what they have new in store and also put the grapes that are in season. For example she told me that in the summer the display was all Rose because those were the grapes that were in season.


This was a display of one of their red wines section. Under each bottle their was a card with information about the bottle telling the customer where its from, the vintage, and flavor profile.


This is one of their white wines display, this one is the Cisp section of the store. You could also see the bottles stored sideways.


This picture is the new wine display in front of the store when you first walk in. Behind that display is the wall of the bubbly section. That is where they display all their sparkling wines.