Wine Shop Analysis

Daniel Mendoza

Professor Dagorn

HGMT 2402

Wine Visit assignment

            For my wine visit, I want to try something different from what was suggested behind the assignment sheet. At first, I was just looking for an easy liquor store that can be located nearby my home, but I became interested in wines as I progressed in the wine course with Professor Dagorn. With the neighborhood of Greenpoint becoming gentrified day by day, new establishments are opening and one wine store that caught my attention was Grapepoint Wines. Grapepoint Wines was established in 2012 by Joanna Zablocki and she is even a fellow Greenpointer and Brooklynite. The fact that she is from the neighborhood and the terminology she used to describe and compare wines gave me the sense of comfort that the owner is willing to meet with, inform and guide her customers during the wine shopping experience. Also I did not feel dumb at all because of certain details that I remembered from previous classes with Professor Dagorn, I even impressed some of the customers there too.

The pros about this establishment, they hold free weekly wine tasting events, the large selection of wines are handpicked by the owner and offer good quality wines at a convenient price. For example, the store offers a $15 & under table and you will find wine notes indicating the wine’s region and description that are written by Joanna herself. The cons is this is a new establishment compared to other liquor & wine shops near the area that were established many years before hers.  When the shop is full, I am little nervous to move around because I am afraid to bump into the selection, but that is just because of my size. Honestly, I can’t seem to find any more cons, I am just very satisfied with the customer experience I had at Grapepoint Wines that it overshined any concerns I had before I stepped in.  I am definitely going back there!

$15 & under table at Grapepoint wines

$15 & under table at Grapepoint wines


Used to be video rental store but now its an awesone wine shop


Inside of GrapePoint Wines and I met shy Chaz who was very insightful

IMG_3978 IMG_3980