retail beverage shop analysis

I went to Heights Chateau which local at 123 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn for the . When I enter the store, the staff was stand behind the front desk and I was told her about my objective and ask the permission to take photograph and the question about their wine store. After this, I was walking around the store and taking picture about the wine. The staff was very nice, and enthusiastic to answer my question. After I asked the staff the question, I know that they organized the wine by location, then by prices. The oldest wine in this wine store was 1995 and the youngest is 2015, which is from Australia, since Australia will make the wine on each March and April every years. But the wine store will not get the wine until the end of this years. And this wine store will keep their wine on tempter between 68-69 degree. And 55 degree downstairs on the cellar. When the staff serve their costumer the white wine, they would server it cooler that the red wine, and they serve the red wine for 59-60 degree.


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