Red Hook Tavern Review

New York City College of Technology, CUNY

Department of Hospitality Management

Janet Lefler Dining Room


To:      Prof. Abreu, Director of Service

From:  Laurel Polanco, Student

Date:   10/7/2019

Re:      Red Hook Tavern Review

The sensitive side of Billy Durney caught my attention when Pete Wells mentioned in the article “A Brooklyn Burger That Conjures Old New York” that Mr. Durney gave away the ribs, shoulders and briskets intended to be sold at his restaurant to people after Hurricane Sandy.

The concept of Red Hook Tavern is interesting to me because it combines two things people like, alcohol and burgers. Also, being Peter Luger Steak House’s burger an inspiration for Mr. Durney makes me want to go to Red Hook Tavern for two reasons: one, Peter Luger Steak House is known for being the best steak house in New York City. Therefore, if Mr. Durney wants to honor the place, his burgers are going to be as good as the ones at Peter Luger Steak House. Two, Mr. Durney has a guideline and feels inspired by the best steak house of NYC. That makes him work by his passion and not just to make money.

The most famous dish at Red Hook Tavern was not the fried chicken as it was planned in the beginning. Instead, a burger took its place.

Mr. Wells described the burger served at Red Hook Tavern in very details that you could’ve drawn it in your mind. He also compared it with the one at Peter Luger and said that the first one is something you must try.

I would definitely go to Red Hook Tavern with friends to eat a burger that is described in such details, and that is made inspired by a recognized steak house. Also, I would like to see the place and the people; see if they go for the burger or for the drinks.




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