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To: Prof. Abreu, Director of Service
From: Declan Mulligan, Student DM
Date: 10/4/2019

Re: Red Hook Tavern Review

The fierce culinary competition in New York City has led to the most simple of American food staples to be taken to new, flavorful levels. In Pete Wells’ latest restaurant review, he goes into detail about the burger at Red Hook Tavern. This Brooklyn based restaurant, owned by a barbecue enthusiast and restaurateur known as Billy Durney has drawn attention over their cheeseburger. One of the most commonly eaten items for the average American has been elevated to a classier, pub style burger for the gentrified.

As expected out of Pete Wells, he seems to be condescending in that half of this review is describing how similar this burger is to Peter Luger’s. Peter Luger’s is a steakhouse that has been in business for over 100 years. It seems that Red Hook Tavern has definitely had some sort of influence from this New York staple, yet they are much more modern with their colorful drink selection. Mr. Durney has went out of his way to have a super selective wine and craft beer selection, which most likely has beverages you have never heard about before. As for the limited desserts available at Red Hook Tavern, they could definitely use their combined brainpower to create much more than gelato sundaes.

With a proclaimed pit master running Red Hook Tavern, the patty alone for the cheeseburger must be flavorful to receive all of this attention for one of America’s true food staples. Pete Wells has made it clear that in his opinion, nothing else on the menu compares to the cheeseburger. For an upscale restaurant that serves charcuterie plates, it’s surprising that such a simple, low-class item is receiving the rave.

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