Week 2nd – 3

When I first got this internship, neither the supervisor or the internship coordinator mentioned on the dress code. I figured that it would be business casual or casual. Although there isn’t a dress code everyone must follow, all staffs wear courteously. It is certainly little more strict than regular school, but more loose than private schools where you have to wear the uniform every day.

The atmosphere of the office also pretty casual. Only directors get a room with doors, but the door is always open. There is no separators between each work section. What’s interesting is in marketing department is that, even if we don’t have actual separators or cubicle walls, iMac’s 27inch screens do the job.

Typical office hour for Symphony Space is Tuesday-Friday 9am to 7pm. It seems like long hours, but it’s can be great who wants 3-day weekend. I think people here won’t have to suffer from “Monday Syndrome”, perhaps “Tuesday Syndrome.”

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