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  1. L.A.Wright

    Communication: Relaying information about academic programs, providing updates on the college website and relaying information on events taking place at the college.
    When if ever Should College professors bare some responsibility for the relaying of information to students?

    2. Academic support: Any resource which helps students achieve their degrees or do well in their classes.
    Should internship programs be required for graduation and who should be in charge of it?

    3. Career Related: Specific information that enhances our professional development in our specialized fields of study related to our occupational goals.

    Why do we take classes that is not related to our field of study?

    4.Sense of Community; A feeling or sense of belonging to a group in the way that those who are identified in that group relate to each other and understand how it affects them.

    What is the cause of students not having a strong sense of community at City tech college?

    1. Sean MacDonald Post author

      The definitions are clear. What you want to do from here is to formulate a question for each of these definitions which would make
      it possible to measure individuals’ perceptions of communication, academic support, etc.
      for ex: “How effective is City Tech in communicating information about academic programs and in providing updates on the college
      website relaying information about events taking place at the college”?
      1. Very effective
      2. Somewhat effective
      3. Not sure/no opinion
      4. Ineffective
      5. Very ineffective
      Try to do the same with the other three definitions.

  2. L.A.Wright

    My research question is how does Helvetica typography convey meaning or provoke emotion in advertising.
    My research will concentrate within the past ten years and see how Helvetica has withstood the test of time and has remained the undisputed font for most professionals in the design field. Without the use of visual aid such as pictures and just pure letter form typography is able to hold its own but with helvetica we we will delve into its clarity.

    1. Sean MacDonald Post author

      An interesting topic. I think you have a good focus here. Have you thought about the research methodology you will use? I thought
      you mentioned focus group methodology when we discussed your topic last week in class, but not sure. If so, who would be part of
      it and why?
      Also, think about why the last 10 years – is there a specific reason?


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