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Each student was asked to tell of an important event that has impacted their academic careers. After going over each essays from the members of my assigned group, I found a common factor for each of our essays. Each member told an experience they had that involved some sort of academic test/final. In Chris’s essay, he tells of the events that took place after he finished his SAT’s, he wrote “My friend that went to another high school in Brooklyn sent, “Highkey just cheated on my SAT…this dude did not give a single shit… gave up the concept of cheating because it affected me negatively as a student and a person, but after all I was defeated by the fact that people had cheated their way into College”.” Chris expressing his dismay at the fact that he studied for his standardized test yet someone else cheated and was given a better score than he was. In Micheal’s essay he gives his experience on what it was like to the SAT. Michale tells of how he was nervous for his junior year, mainly because of the challenges that he and his fellow Juniors had to face, “Focusing more on our classes , studying for the SAT , preparing to qualify to become the next team officers for our senior year . So how did I studied for the SAT by attending Saturday SAT classes which I did find it pretty useful as they had teachers from other schools that would help us prepare. We even had to go through many SAT mock test which everyone did find it annoying, well because it was mainly on Fridays but I guess it was kinda helpful.” He states that he had to take extra classes and take multiple practice exams as a way to make sure that he would score well on the SAT’s. In Christians Essay, he explained that he didn’t go to to a normal New York school and they weren’t required to take any Regents other than the Ela, like other schools in New York. Christian was given an essay to complete as a final for his Ela class and he wrote, “We thought it was going to be the most easy final because we did it for four years but the ela final was different from everything we learned…I had to restart my whole essay from scratch. The last three days of classes trying hard to panel my final project what went through my mind is I wasn’t going to graduate because of one class…And I passed it”.” Michale expresses his thought process that he went through during time. He explains that he wasn’t in the beginning of his Senior year but when it was around the time he had to turn in the essay he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to graduate, yet with the help of his dad and friends he was able to graduate. In each of our Essays we described an instance in which we have had trouble with a standardized test, and though it was difficult, we each found a way to persevere and pass our own respective academic difficulty.  


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