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Statistics Reflection

My first semester of statistics was a very interesting experience. In the beginning it started out simple with some of the concepts that I had learned in high school. After a a few weeks it started to get a little challenging with all of the concepts like Poisson distribution and T-distribution. At that time these concepts were new to me but now I am familiar with them thanks to professor Halleck and his power point slides. I also learned about excel as well which will definitely come in handy in the workplace, in other classes and in daily life. Now that the semester is over I plan on strengthening my probability skills over the summer to prepare me for my next statistics class and computer science class. I hope that I get a good professor like professor Halleck.

How statistics relates to my major?

Hello, my name is Jahmar and I am a college student currently studying computer science. When it comes to computer science statistics is heavily involved. From probability to combinations and permutations. There are coding terms in the program C++ that refer back to some of these concepts especially like arrays and vectors. It is very important for me to firmly grasp the fundamentals of statistics so that I will be able to improve my understanding when it comes to data mining and machine learning. I hope that I can take the knowledge that I learn from this class and use it in my everyday life.

Netflix users International vs United States

Netflix Subscribers International And U.S. 2007-2017

Netflix Subscribers International And U.S. 2007-2017

The reason why I chose this graph is because I know that Netflix is a very popular streaming service within the U.S and I was curious to know if people in other countries are subscribed to Netflix as well. On the graph it shows low numbers for the amount of international subscribers when compared to the U.S, so that makes me wonder if they are using another streaming service that is exclusive to their country. On the graph you can see that the number of subscribers in the U.S. has been over 50 percent while the percent of international users is less than 50 percent.  In 2017 it seems that the percentage of international subscribers is growing close to 50 percent. I predict that it will reach at least 50 percent after 2018 ends. From 2007 to 2010 there is an absence of international subscribers. This could mean that Netflix was less known back then and so eventually it gained popularity and went international in 2011. I’m guessing that the international subscribers were using another streaming service at from 2007-2010.