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Statistics and Probability

My experience in this course was a very positive one. I’ve learned how to find and assign probabilities to events by using condition probability and using the counting methods. I also learned how to determine whether or not data supports a hypothesis or claim with a certain alpha level by finding the z score and p value and seeing how it related to the alpha level. Overall, I learned the importance of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data as well as how to draw conclusions from the data being examined. I can use what I learned and apply it to the field of telecommunications.

Cars vs. Public Transportation

One of the more polarizing debates is whether or not it is safer to travel by a car or other forms of transportation which includes train, bus, etc. It is known that about 1.3 million people die on road crashes every year. However, there is still a fear or doubt of public transportation that people have in likelihood because of how accidents relating to public transportation are covered. There are even some countries that have made mass transit an aspect of life. This graph shows the fatalities of people of take various forms of transportation. U.S analyst Todd Litman found that riding a commuter or intercity rail is 20 times safer than driving. He even cites research that shows that cities with higher transit ridership usually have a lower capita traffic fatality rates.

Telecommunications and Statistics

Statistics and probability share a relationship with telecommunications. Telecommunications by definition is communication over a distance whether it is by means of a capable, telephone, or by broadcasting. In order to enhance the effectiveness in which signals are communicated, a collection and analysis of data would be needed. This analysis and the collection of data could include the strength of the signal as it pertains to where and its being transmitted and received. Data collection and analysis could be used to determine the cause and circumstances under which the signal you want to send goes through or not. Based on what you find, it can be determined what methods could be used to strengthen the signal.