ENT4499 ‚Äď Culmination Project

Project Description 

In my 5 years at¬†City Tech, I have learned many things. From soldering components onto¬†an¬†Arduino¬†to learning how to edit video and sounds. My last 2 semesters I enrolled in a 3D modelling class, which I enjoyed a lot and wished I had focused on that from beginning.¬†For my culmination project I would like to make my¬†own¬†3D¬†racing¬†game that¬†for now I’ve named it GRAND PRIX: APEX. My goal is to challenge myself and model my own little cars and later¬†on,¬†animate¬†them.¬†Like I mentioned I don’t have a lot of experience 3D modeling but just enough to make a cube look¬†at least¬†like a¬†Flintstone¬†car. I also don’t have any experience in working with engines that are used to make games. Will be taking a class to learn¬†how to use Unity¬†and help me with my project.¬†



For my project I will be building at least 2¬†race tracks and multiple car models. I also want to give the player options to customize the cars¬†appearances¬†to their liking. I¬†want to focus mostly¬†on Quality over Quantity. Thinking of building 2 fully detailed and playable¬†race tracks to start with along¬†with at¬†least 5 cars to choose from. Out of¬†the¬†vehicle you choose I want to¬†give the player the option to¬†change Wheels, Wings, Accessories etc.¬†I¬†will be using Maya 2017 for my modeling and later on will be using Unity to finalize the project where¬†I will be coding to make the wheels run and some AI¬†components¬†for the other racers¬†and¬†how they should behave.¬†I don’t have much experience using Maya but with tutorials I’m¬†finding my way around things.¬†On¬†the other¬†hand,¬†with Unity I have 0 experience. I’ve signed up for a class which I believe will help me learn how to use it and if I get stuck on something I’ll¬†be looking up Tutorials in YouTube.¬†


Project Deliverables 

By the end of the project I will be delivering a finished full single player game. My goal is to try and make a multiplayer function so that there’s a¬†pvp¬†component. Not sure if I’ll¬†get to that because 3D modelling takes a long time, but I’ll¬†definitely¬†be¬†aiming¬†for that.¬†

  • Fully Detailed/Playable¬†Game¬†
  • Customization Options¬†
  • Drawings¬†
  • Photos of all development stages¬†
  • Poster¬†
  • Open Lab¬†ePorfolio¬†



My schedule is going to be a tight one due to that I’m going to be a¬†full-time¬†student and work 7 days. Because I know that the 3D modeling is going to take the longest I already started working on the minor detail props for the race tracks and some car¬†components before¬†the semester starts¬†because my hands will be full. My plan is to do the modeling for ¬ĺ of the time and use the remaining for the coding¬†and testing.¬†The reason being that I will be taking a class in Unity and will use that time to work a little on it and the¬†professor might help me out polish my work.¬†While for the 3D modeling I’m¬†planning on taking 2 hours after work daily to get as much work done as possible.¬†


Required Resources 

Luckily all the resources required are available at home and¬†school.¬†In¬†school the only problem will be being able to use room V314. It’s the only lab that I know that has computers that are capable of running Maya without crashing or lagging. The computers in V321 and the lab on 2nd¬†floor crash and lag which slow down the¬†process. Other than¬†that, required¬†resources are available all around.¬†



The only thing that will be costing money is the software but because I’m a college student Maya Software is free.¬†


Proposed Table of Contents/Portfolio Outline 

  • Introduction:¬†Will explain my game and my reason why I chose to do a game as my project.¬†Also,¬†what my goals were.¬†


  • Methods:¬†Will demonstrate all the steps I took to complete my project.¬†


  • Project Budget:¬†I doubt that there will be any expenses. Only time will tell.¬†


  • Project¬†Calendar:¬†I’m thinking of combining this with the Methods section because I feel like it will help me explain things better for each step taken.¬†


  • Conclusion:¬†Will talk about my goals, which was the hardest/easiest one. Which goals came along that I couldn’t complete if any and what things I wish I had done different and what I learned through my process.¬†