About Me

Hi, my name is Genaurys Vargas I’m the Dominican Republic, 24 years old in my last Senior semester. I’m part of the Emerging Media Department (MTEC). When I first joined City Tech I wanted to study gaming and become a game designer. I’m also a Bass Player and I started going out doing gigs to earn a little extra cash. After my 2 second year that changed completely. That’s when I wanted to study things related to sounds and music. That’s where my main focus was all the way till my last 2 semesters. I enrolled In a 3D modelling class for my electives and that’s when I felt like going back and continued my game design path. After that class I realized how fun 3D modelling could be but also frustrating. I never let go that passion of making my own game. Still a novice but know enough to create almost anything. The project you are going to see is going to show you how much time and effort someone puts into something they’re passionate about. Since I started my Culmination project, I don’t know what sleep is. Nights after nights modelling 1 car at a time, part by part. Hope you enjoy my project, can’t wait to see where my journey is headed with 3D modelling.


  • 3D Modeller
  • Bass Player
  • Car Enthusiast