Game Concept Document

  1. Executive Summary

1.1 Objective: The objective of the game is to win all the races so you can unlock more cars.

1.2 Goals: The goal of the project is to test myself and see how much time and work it takes for me, one person to achieve the things I want in my own game. Game goals are to win the races to unlock all the vehicles in the game.

1.3 Target Audience:¬†Targeting both male & females, but mostly males ranging from the ages 10 ‚Äď 35. Car Journalists, Car Enthusiasts and anyone who likes racing games in general.

1.4 Social Issue:¬†There’s not enough race tracks or race¬†environments¬†for people to go out and have fun and test their vehicles. Tracks are very far,¬†there’s¬†not enough.

1.5 Solution:¬†The game will address¬†people’s¬†needs by letting them have fun racing virtually with cars you actually do see at the streets¬†every day and risk free of anything bad happening.

1.5.1 Elevator Pitch: You were born with a skill that takes most professional a long time to master. The ability to drive any car in any condition, any terrain at any moment. You became a professional racecar driver at an early age because of the skills you were born with. Now your goal is to become the best driver in the world.

1.5.2 Core Features: You have the ability to driver every day cars you see in the streets that are not in recent or any other racing games. You are not forced to race in the same GT cars you see in EVERY game.

2. Proposed Game Concept

2.1 Overview:¬†You live in a world that is highly competitive and filled with a lot of adrenaline. You were born with a skill to drive any vehicle in any terrain under any¬†condition¬†at any given moment with ease. Because of your skill, at the age¬†of 16 you¬†were signed by a motorsports company to be their new face. Your goal is to win your way up at the ranks of the¬†world’s¬†best driving¬†professionals and become number the #1 driver in the world. But to be the best you¬†got to¬†beat the best.

2.2 Background:¬†We live in modern world where doing things can easily get you famous. Because of the technology we have, it has been easier and easier to share our skill to the whole wide world were anyone can see you at any single moment. Because of this, if your skills are¬†good¬†enough you can catch the eye of important people in a specific sport. Take Ken¬†Block or Mad Mike as¬†an example. Young guys with crazy driving skills that gained popularity because of the¬†number¬†of shares they got of them showing their driving skills. Now they are the faces of many¬†company’s¬†we all know, Monster Energy Drink,¬†Redbull, DC shoes, get¬†featured¬†in almost every new racing videogame that is out there. These guys are looked at as idols by little kids all over the world.

2.3 Informing Elements:¬†I was mostly influence by all the racing games I play. Forza Motorsports, Need for Speed, Burnout, Gran Turismo,¬†DiRT, GRID and many more. All these games are racing games but they all have their own sub-division in the racing category. Drifting,¬†Touge, Circuit, Rally,¬†Hillclimb¬†etc. Mostly got influence by¬†Forza¬†and Need for Speed, they have¬†features¬†that the other one doesn’t have and I want to incorporate them into 1.

2.4 Game¬†Synopsis:¬†It’s going to be a 3rd¬†person racing game on PC, where you race through different tracks and try to win all the races so you can unlock better version of the car you started with.

2.5 Game Mechanics:¬†The player can either choose to play with a keyboard or a wired controller. The player will use the controller of their choice to¬†navigate¬†through the race track while competing against the other NPC’s.

2.6 Game World: The game will feature over 5 different race tracks that you can choose from.

2.7 Other Design Considerations:¬†The world will be built in 2D and 3D. Then¬†faraway¬†“environment” will be textured 2D planes while items within the racetrack will be actual 3D object that you can crash into.¬†So¬†it’s going to look a bit cartoony in a way. All cars will have different sounds.

2.8 Tech Spec:¬†It’s going to be a computer based game that will be modelled and built in Maya 2017 and put together and coded in Unity. Will be using Adobe Premier for the sounds.

3. Recommendations

3.1 Suggested Team: Me, myself and I. I will be doing all the parts of the project.

3.2 Estimated Budget:¬†As of¬†right¬†now, there’s not going to be any spending because all the¬†software¬†I’m¬†going to be using are free to student and is easily¬†accessible¬†in my school.

3.3 Rough Timeline: 3.5 month period

3.3.1: Vehicle Modeling ~ 1.5 month

3.3.2: Vehicle Components ~ 1 week

3.3.3: Track Components ~ 2 weeks

3.3.4: Rendering ~ 1 week

3.3.5: Creating Tracks in Unity ~ 1 week

3.3.6: Coding & testing ~ 1 month

4. Appendix

4.1 Concept Art:







4.2 Reference: